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National Telecom Services, Connectivity, and Voice Solutions.

About Us

Founded in 2007, Alsard Fiber is a Fiber Optics backbone provider and leading wholesaler of Internet Protocol Services in Iraq. In direct cooperation with the best IP providers in Europe, Alsard Fiber is able to offer the highest quality of service delivered via the latest and cutting edge technology using Fiber Optics cables. Alsard Fiber employs hundreds of dedicated employees who are experts in their roles and work tirelessly to provide our customers with the best level of service possible. Alsard Fiber takes pride in having a dedicated team of IT experts who provide 24/7 (round the clock) technical support to our customers. Utilizing our Customer Care and Service skills we have been able to build a network of reliable, affordable and qualified services. In order to maintain the quality of our service at its best, our IP from Europe is delivered via two separate redundant routes and we provide our customers with a dedicated flat rate symmetrical bandwidth, not shared capacity. Thanks to a comprehensive expansion plan which we completed in 2013, we are now able to provide services in all the regions and provinces of Iraq. All Alsard Fiber’s customers can benefit from Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), Dedicated Redundant Line for backup purposes, Customer Care Service, 24 Hours technical Support and No filtering, monitoring or Censorship


The company’s vision is to provide high quality and reliable network services with 24/7 customer support that boosts customers’ satisfaction.

Our Mission

is To deliver integrated telecommunication services that are secure, dependable, economical, and of the highest quality whenever and wherever necessary in order to promote equitable socioeconomic growth.

Solutions for Enterprises

AlsardFiber provides high-speed networking solutions that meet customers’ requirements for unlimited, reliable bandwidth with affordable costs

Carriers and Service Providers

AlsardFiber provides the connectivity solutions that brings businesses from multi locations together.

Network Services

Keep your business connected. Whether you need Internet access or a fully-meshed, secure IP network, AlsardFiber has solutions that meets customer’s needs, expectations, and budgets.

National Telecom Service provider

Alsard Fiber has made significant contributions in Kurdistan Regional telecommunications infrastructure by using dependable fiber backbone which provides many cost-effective and high-quality outcomes to GSM operators and ISP providers.

Fiberoptic Network

Licensed by Investment commission for Fiberoptics with   multi-International cross border connections.

Guaranteed Quality

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

AlsardFiber owns and operates a technologically advanced nationwide fiber-optic backbone network, thousands of KMs in length, enabling it to provide voice, data, and IP services to customers across KRG. Nowadays, AlsardFiber has become one of the KRG’s fastest-growing fiber backbone operator with a huge customer base ranging from ISPs, Telecommunication Operators, governmental agencies, and many other large to small corporations. This has led Alsard Fiber to gain a significant portion of the KRG telecommunication market. Using Fiber-Optics technology conducted AlsardFiber to comply the growing demand for fast and reliable IP-based services. AlsardFiber is one of the IP Services providers in KRG, which utilizes separate redundant routes for backup purposes and its IP service are delivered directly from Europe in cooperation with Europe’s best IP services providers.


Alsard Fiber has made significant contributions to Kurdistan Regional telecommunications infrastructure and using our fiber backbone we can provide many cost-effective solutions to GSM operators and ISP providers at high quality

  • IP-Transit services
  • Dedicated Internet Services
  • Broadband Packages
  • NNI services (Network to Network interconnection)
  • DPLC & IPLC Services
  • Fiber to the business
  • Voice Termination Solution
  • SMS services
  • Data center collocation service.

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RandGalary, Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan Iraq