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About Us

Founded in 2007, Alsard Fiber is a Fiber Optics backbone provider and leading wholesaler of Internet Protocol Services in Iraq. In direct cooperation with the best IP providers in Europe, Alsard Fiber is able to offer the highest quality of service delivered via the latest and cutting edge technology using Fiber Optics cables. Alsard Fiber employs hundreds of dedicated employees who are experts in their roles and work tirelessly to provide our customers with the best level of service possible. Alsard Fiber takes pride in having a dedicated team of IT experts who provide 24/7 (round the clock) technical support to our customers. Utilizing our Customer Care and Service skills we have been able to build a network of reliable, affordable and qualified services. In order to maintain the quality of our service at its best, our IP from Europe is delivered via two separate redundant routes and we provide our customers with a dedicated flat rate symmetrical bandwidth, not shared capacity. Thanks to a comprehensive expansion plan which we completed in 2013, we are now able to provide services in all the regions and provinces of Iraq. All Alsard Fiber’s customers can benefit from Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), Dedicated Redundant Line for backup purposes, Customer Care Service, 24 Hours technical Support and No filtering, monitoring or Censorship

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to maximize our market share, build a good reputation, offer 100% customer satisfaction and lead the way in Iraq for the advanced Our mission is to provide high-quality IP-based services by offering excellent management and customer care, better value propositions, fast and reliable technology, thereby maximizing out stakeholders' value. Alsard Fiber's success can be attributed to its well-researched and planned business strategies and its provision of a comprehensive range of IP-based solutions, including internet services, MBS, IPLC, Voice International, VOIP, and other customized solutions available.


Alsard Fiber has made significant contributions to Kurdistan Regional telecommunications infrastructure and using our fiber backbone we can provide many cost-effective solutions to GSM operators and ISP providers at high quality

IP-Transit services

Alsardfiber is an IP Transit provider, offering premium Global transit services via its premium multi-homed network (AS39216). Bandwidth services are available in several carrier-neutral colocation facilities across Iraq.
IP Transit allows your network to become part of the global Internet by connecting to the Internet backbone at high speed within one of the Alsardfiber on-net locations.

Dedicated Internet Services

Take your business to the next level of performance with high bandwidth dedicated internet access.
This service is available for Large Organizations for instance ISPs (Internet Service Providers), GSM Operators, and Telecom companies.
Similarly, it is available for Small to Medium Enterprises such as Universities, Hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, Offices, Institutions, etc.

Broadband Packages

Alsardfiber provides the best-of-breed consumer and business broadband high-speed Internet connections featuring low contention ratios. Connectivity, terminated in diverse data centers, is backed by our extensive network and technically minded support.


AlsardFiber offers a targeted range of products and services designed to fulfill the high-speed connectivity requirements of our customers.
IP Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) allow your workforce to communicate between locations effectively and securely at a fraction of the cost of traditional dedicated circuits. Alsardfiber offers VPNs based on two technologies — IPsec and MPLS.

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RandGalary, Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan Iraq